The First 4 Steps You Must Take to Brand Yourself Online

Branding Yourself is a big part of Internet Marketing, your name and your brand is the biggest asset you will ever have online. If you are just starting out and are brand spanking new to online marketing you can still brand yourself and become the authority figure in your niche.

In this video I will be talked about the…

The First 4 Steps You Must Take to Brand Yourself Online

Step 1 – Build your own Blog

You want to purchase a domain name that will either become your band name or use your actual name. Example or or if you have a catchy name like

Now that you have your Domain Name, you need to build a blog/website for your domain name. You have 3 options to make this happen.

  1. Have someone build a blog for you (recommend) You can go to places like – or You can contact me. Whatever route to take this is highly recommended and I big time saver. If you would like me to build a website for you, just send me a message/friend request or comment under this video and I would be happy to help you out. My price will be very reasonable and you will receive tons of bonus and unlimited support.
  2. You can learn how to build a blog yourself. I have a training course that will walk you through it. The only downfall by doing it yourself is the time it will take you to make it happen, if you have the time and patience this could be the route for you.
  3. Use a Free blog, (Not Recommend) There are plenty of free blog sites, that you can use to get the ball rolling. I understand sometimes money is an issue, but you don’t want that to discourage you. So you still want to get your name out there. Some recommend free blogging platforms.,,, and Also If you are a member of EMP, a free blogging platform is one of the bonuses that comes with the membership, until you get the money to afford your own blog. It’s not recommended because it can diminish some of your credibility in the eyes of your prospects. The first thing they might say is they can’t even afford a nice looking website, how are they going to teach me anything. People look at things like that unfortunately, they want to see progress. So a nice looking website is the best way to go about doing that.


Steps 2 and 3 – Set a Facebook Fan Page and YouTube

A Facebook Fan Page and YouTube channel, out of all the social media platforms, I mention these two first because these two platforms are the most important, and the receive the most traffic.

All your platforms should use your name as the title to build branding and you should have a good profile picture. You want to post on your Facebook page at least once or twice a day. Here are the 4 Facebook post you should make on your Fan Page.

  1. Motivational Post – A motivational video or quote
  2. Value Post – something that provides value such as a blog or training video (doesn’t have to be from you personally
  3. Testimonial or social proof – Testimonial or screen shot of leads generated (Doesn’t have to be from you personally can be from a partner or team members
  4. Lifestyle. – Getting to know you personally – People on buy from who they like, know, and trust.

As long as you are consistent then you will be fine. Also having a Fan page will allow you to use Facebook Ads, which will be very important in branding yourself and growing your business.

As for YouTube, you will be utilizing videos in your business, and you want to use YouTube because…

1. You want to get eyeballs to your video and lead them back to your blog

2. You need video hosting to place the videos on your blog and YouTube is free, so you can use that for right now.

Step 4 – A product that will help and teach your prospects

If you are just starting out in the Network Marketing / Internet Marketing Niche than my Internet Marketing Training Course would be great for you to start off with.

Even if you are in a different niche and you need a product to sell, I highly recommend getting a couple of products from a PLR site – Private Label Rights. You can learn more about PLR in my Internet Marketing Training Course

This a great way to start to build your credibility, build your list and start earning some income.

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Also if you like this information I highly recommend checking out my free course The Fundamentals of Branding.

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Places where someone will build a blog for you:
1. Me 🙂

Private Label Rights – PLR

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