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What Are The People Saying About The Program

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Pro Coaching Package

Week 1 - The Overview

  • Meet and Greet
  • We will go over your individual goals and your personal game plan
  • Help You Discover Your Niche Market
  • Discuss Plans for Your Website and Sales Funnel
  • Answering Any Questions You Have

Week 2 - Discover Your Branding

  • Making Sure Your Facebook Page Is property Optimize
  • Make Sure Your YouTube Channel Is Set Up Properly
  • Going Over Your Website and How to Use It
  • Setting Up Your Home Work For The Next Week
  • Answering Any Questions You Have

Week 3 - Setting Up Your Auto Responder

  • Setting Up Your Email Marketing Autoresponder Sequence
  • Breaking Down How to Monetize Your Emails
  • Setting Up Your Capture Pages
  • Finding Your Free and Front End Offer
  • Answering Any Questions You Have

Week 4 - Traffic and leads

  • Discussing Your Traffic Strategy
  • Walking You through your specific strategy you want to use
  • Going over your Ad scripts
  • Critiquing Videos
  • Answering Any Questions You Have

Week 5 - Going Over Your Numbers

  • We Will Check Your Stats for Your Ad and Email Campaigns
  • Make Changes and Test
  • Go back over Your Ads Campaigns to make any corrections
  • Check your Email Campaigns to make any corrections
  • Answering Any Questions You Have

Week 6 - Putting The Finishing Touches

  • We Are Going To Check All Your Current Campaigns
  • Discuss Your Strategy For Your Mid Level Product
  • Discuss The Platform You Will Use To Deliver Your Product
  • Discuss Your Sells Page and New Email List
  • Answering Any Questions You Have
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Pro Coaching Website and Sales Funnel Details

  • Custom Website ($2,500 Value)

    You will have a custom website built to brand you and your niche market. With this website you will be able to take your business to the next level

  • 6 Blog Post ($100 Value)

    “6” Blog post in your specific niche, so you can start promoting right away

  • Autoresponder Integration ($250 Value)

    One of the hardest part of putting together your funnel is integrating your autoresponder, don’t worry this will be all set up for you and all you will have to do is follow up with your customers and make more sales

  • Video Walkthroughs ($97 Value)

    Not only will you get a personal walk through from me, but you will also have a video walk through for your website and email so that I will always be with your during the whole process.

  • Social Media Integration ($67 Value)

    Your fans will never miss a post from your Facebook page, and will be able to follow any of your social media platforms straight from your site

  • Real Time Analytics ($97 Value)

    Always know what is working on your website with Real Time Analytics. You be able to see what pages your visitors like the most and what traffic source they are coming from. The more you know the more you can scale to new heights

  • Step By Step Training Course ($297 Value)

    You will have full access to our Step by Step Internet Marketing training course. This course is 8 modules of detailed training. Whether you have a product, are an affiliate marketer, in network marketing, or just want to learn how to make money from home, this course will cover everything from start to finish.

  • Membership Site *Optional* ($250 Value)

    Turn your blog into a membership site. Hide certain content for only your team members or for whomever you want to see it. You can use this members area to sell your mid level product or to sell the membership packages to potential clients

  • Capture Page Setup ($250)

    You will receive two landing pages to start building your list with. You can split test the two to see which one is converting at a higher rate.

Website Alone That's $3,908 Dollars In Value

Elite Coaching Package

The Elite Coaching Package is the next level of our Coaching Program. This package is for internet marketers and network marketers who are ready to take the next step, building their business online.

Now that you have an understanding of the fundamentals and have built the foundation of your branding, now its time to improve your skills and improve your personal development. Below are the specific features and benifits you will receive in our Elite Coaching Program

Elite Coaching Package Features & Benefits

Access To The Black Ops Underground Marketing Training Group

BLACK OPS UNDERGROUND MARKETING provides Millionaire Mentoring for ANY entrepreneurial business. Teaching people how to generate MORE LEADS and MORE CASHFLOW to 10X their incomes.

  • A Community Of Over 1600 Entrepreneurs Worldwide
  • 24/7 Support From Own Amazing Community
  • Plug Into A Proven System That Has Paid Out More Than 1.6 Million In Commissions

Access To The Black Ops Underground Marketing Millionaire Mentors

Darren Little (Quantum Millionaire)

  • Founder of Black Ops
  • Marketing Industry Over 30 years
  • Multiple 7 Figures A Year Earner
  • Author
  • Professional Network Marketer
  • Launched Pamela Anderson (Baywatch)

Ari Maccabi

  • Co Founder of Black Ops
  • Marketing Industry Over 30 years
  • Multiple 7 Figures A Year Earner
  • 8 Figure Earner In Crypto Currency Space
  • Professional Network Marketer
  • CPA Expert

Access To The Leadership Master Mind Group

  • Live Mastermind Session Twice A Week
  • 24 Hr Chat Support
  • Online Mixers
  • Live Webinars Hosted Bi-Weekly

FREE Access To The Genesis Educational Library

First Year of Reseller Rights of the Genesis and Black Ops Training Included

What Are They Say about The Elite Coaching Package using the Black Opts System

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What Are The People Saying About The Program

Click the pictures to zoom in and read the testimonial


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***The Elite and VIP Coaching Package has a 2 part payment System***

  1. Elite Coaching You will pay $1,098 then you will be redirected to pay $299 for your Reseller Rights
  2. VIP Coaching You will pay $2,498 then you will be redirected to pay $299 for your Reseller Rights

???Frequently Asked Questions???

How long while it take for my website to get done?

The Max Time to complete your website is 4 weeks depending on the site and the websites that are in queue. Most of the time I can get them finished sooner. Also it will depend on how fast you can get everything done on your end. Welcome video, thank you video, etc..

Who should I get my hosting from for my website?

I have partnered up with a hosting company to get your hosting for Free in your first 30 days and it’s 25 dollars/month after that. (Which Includes Unlimited Support, Updates, Marketing Training and SEO integration)

Do I need to pay your 25 dollars a month support fee if I already have hosting?

You don’t need to pay the 25 dollars a month support fee, if you already have hosting, however if you don’t have a subscription then, you will be charged for every small detail you will like to change on your site. If you want to change out certain pictures or update testimonials, or other small things like that.

The 25 dollars a month fee pays for any small changes that you want to make.

Also, think of it as insurance, because I keep a backup of your site every month, you don’t have to worry if something happened to your site or if you get hacked.


Does the website come with a professional email or should I buy that on my own?

Your site will come with free a professional email… But I will set that up, don’t purchase that, It comes with your website. I will have a walk through video on how to use the email client so you can reply to all your emails.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, You have 7 days from the time of purchase to request a refund for any reason. You will receive a full refund minus processing fees. Refer to the refund policy at the footer of the website for my details.

Can I add features to my website that is not in your features area?

Absolutely, In the members area, you will see the add on section. There you will see the cost of any feature you would like to add to your website.

Where should I purchase my Domain Name from?

If you don’t already have a Domain Name, You can get your Domain for 99 cents for the first year and I have a video that walks you through that.

Are their any hidden fees to the program or up-sells.

There are no hidden fees. The only fees are…

  • The Cost for the program
  • The Cost for your Domain Name
  • The Cost for your Web Hosting – If you host with me it will be 25 dollars a month, and that comes with unlimited support, unlimited small updates, site back up, and SEO integration.

What days are the coaching sessions on?

That will be up to you. I will have my available schedule in the members area, and then you will let me know what time is best for you. If none of the times are good for you, then we will work a special arrangement meant. I am here to work with you and help you. 

What Features does the website come with?

  1. Welcome Video – This is great way to build your brand and let your visitors get to know you and how you plan to help them.
  2. Optin Form – Offering your visitors a Free gift, is a great way to generate leads right on your homepage. This is another great way to build credibility. Your welcome video can sell yourself as well as your free gift.
  3. 3 Feature Items – (Resources, Blog, One-On-One Coaching)(example)
  4. Full Page Personal Banner – Personalize your site and let your visitors know who you are and what you are all about. Your Banner will have the following features:
    1. Nice background
    2. profile picture
    3. Title of your site
    4. Business Tagline
  5. Bio Page – Here you can tell your story (People only buy from who they know, like and trust)
  6. Resource Page – Showcase your most profitable resources. This is where you can entice your visitors to opt-in to your free gifts
  7. Contact Page – Here is a great place to build relationships by offering One-on-One coaching to attract more leads
  8. Gallery – Showcase your events and other photos of team members or Family members. People love to get to the real you

After I purchase the Coaching Program what is the next step?

After you purchase the coaching program, you will have access to the members area at Lazy Network Marketing. You will want to do 2 things to get started on the fast track…

Just follow the steps on the Coaching Program page that you will be redirected to

  1. Schedule Your Introduction Coaching Call
  2. Go Through the First 2 Modules of the Internet Marketing Training Course