Take A Look At The Simple Step by Step Process I Used To Make My First Sale Online

Execute This Process Without Spamming Your Friends And Spending 10,000 Dollars On Some Big Shot Guru, That Just Wants To Take Your Money.

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Hello Future Millionaire,

You know what really upsets me, Its when big time internet marketers tell you that they are going to teach you how to make all this money online, but they just throw a bunch of information in your face, and tell you good luck.

Or, How about when they tell you that they are going to teach you how to build Your business, and come to find out that they only want to teach you how to build Their business instead.

That makes me so mad....

Well, you can either get mad or get moving. So I choose to get moving. It took me years to figure out a step by step process where I was able to make my first sale online and I actually knew exactly where that sale come from and how to make it happen again.

That my friend, was a life saver. I realized, that it wasn't all the shiny new can't miss software. It wasn't a copy and paste system. It wasn't spending 10s of thousands of dollars on Coaches and programs.

It was just about me learning the fundamentals. That's right, its the simple things, that every single program or training course that I have purchased just glossed over.

I have purchase a lot of programs, and everybody wants to tell you this big secret, well, let me tell you my friend there is no secret to this. Its in all in the fundamentals.

Once You learn what those Fundamentals are, then from their all you have to do is be consistent and believe in yourself, and you will be able to write your check.

The reason I want to teach you how to make one sale, is because if you learn the fundamental process to generate one lead, then make one sale. You will then be able to execute that plan over and over again.

So, here is how I'm going to help you, 7 years in the making but its finally here, I have a step by step Internet Marketing Training course that will teach you the fundamentals and everything else you need to know to make your first sale and beyond, whether you have your own product, are in network marketing, or  didn't know that internet marketing even existed until you saw this website.

Below are the modules we will be going over. I want you to be successful, and I want you to generate your first sale.

My name is Michael Brooks and I WILL SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!!!

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Training Course Brakedown


Module 1 - How Do I use The Internet To Build My Business?

In this module you will learn the basics about internet marketing. We go over basic terms that you will hear on a regular basis. We will also go over the type of budget you need for your business to truly see the results that you are looking for. (This is the most important to know)

Module 2 - Where Are You Coming From?

There is 3 sections to module 2 and it will be based on what products do you already have to sell. The first section is for marketers who don't have any products and are starting from scratch. The second section is for marketers who have their own products or are selling affiliate products. The last section is for Network Marketers and how to build their business online. You have the choice of going through all three sections or choosing the section that is best related to you.

Module 3 - Setting Up Your Funnel

In this module we are going to go through setting up your sales funnel. We will start with your social branding, then to your website/blog, capture page, sales pages and autoresponder. We are going to turn over every stone of your sales funnel in this module. 

Module 4 - Creating Content

This module is all about content, written and video. We will go over how to find content that your visitors will love you for. We will also talk about how to write the perfect headline, so your emails get open and your blogs get clicked on.

Module 5 - Email Marketing

In this module I am going to walk you through step by step how to use your autoresponders to follow up with your target market. We will also discuss how to write an email that will keep your list engaged and clicking on your links. 

Module 6 - All About Traffic

This module is, you guessed it, all about traffic. I will show you 6 different traffic strategies that you can use right away and get that first sale. You will be able to learn more over time, but I didn't want to overwhelm you like those other guys. 

Module 7 - Knowing Your Numbers

One of the most important but largely over looked skill in this business. In Module 7, I'm going to show you how to read your stats, and recognize when its time to scale up or scale it back a little to make some changes. When you master your numbers, you will have a true cash cow. 

Module 8 - Putting It All Together

In Module 8 we are going to put it all together and add the next piece to your sales funnel, that will put you over the top. I will give you a daily and weekly plan of action to execute what you learn. After that its time to go to work. 

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