4 Mistakes All Marketers Make When Promoting A Product Online

When taking your business from offline to online, most marketers think they can use the same basic “door to door” salesman tactics, but in actuality that couldn’t be further from the truth. You actually need to do the opposite. For example, when you meet someone offline, your first conversation might go something like this….

You – Hello, How are doing? My name is John. Nice to Meet you. *Shakes Hand*

Prospect – Hello, I’m fine, it’s nice to meet you too. My name is Brittany *Shakes Hand*

You – That’s Awesome, Do you have a 1 min, I wanted to ask you a question?

Prospect – Yes of course *Smiles*

You – (This is where you would tell them your company script) and You would end it with, If you would like some more information here is my card, can I take down your number? I would like to invite you to a presentation where you can get all your questions answered.

So, whether this person decided that they wanted more information or not, in offline marketing, your appearance, first and foremost, was a factor whether the person wanted to trust you or not. Then, you can basically lead with the product in mind, not knowing if this person is an ideal prospect or not, because of course “everyone can use your product”. Therefore in offline marketing, you talk to everyone.

With that in mind, Online Marketing is a different animal altogether. When selling your products online the name of the game is to build a target audience, so instead of talking to everyone, using the Attraction Marketing tactics you are going learn in this blog, your prospects will ask you for more information about your products than anything you have ever seen.

4 Mistakes All Marketers Make When Promoting A Product Online

1. Branding their product and not themselves. 

This is usually the first mistake that all marketers make when promoting a product online. They try to actually promote the product, thinking, that their product is what makes people actually want to buy from them. It’s not, a wise man once told me, “Your Product Is Not Your Product.”  I know this might be confusing at first, but hear me out.

In online marketing, your product is your brand. Sell your brand and your prospects will buy anything you endorse. Here is the most famous example I can think of. There is shoe company called “Nike,” you may have heard of them. Nike was originally founded in 1964, by Phil Knight. Now, there were a couple other people involved but to save time we will just talk about Phil. Phil changed the name to Nike in 1971.

Nike’s target market was athletes. Nike wanted to make shoes, that would cater to the athlete. Sales were steady like a normal business. Then in 1984, everything changed. There was an NBA player or (Pro Basketball Player) coming out in that years NBA draft that started to gain some popularity or started to build a Brand/Following as we call it today. His name was Michael Jordan. Nike signed Michael Jordan, to brand their product, and use his following to gain more customers. Well… let’s say it worked.

As of today, the Jordan Brand is worth over 100 million dollars a year in Sales, and that is just in the US. Now, I know this is an extreme case, most likely you won’t be able to build your brand by hiring a superstar athlete or celebrity, however, you can build your own Brand/Following. Today, more than ever before, you can use Social Media to build your brand. Building a following has never been available to the average person in the past, without being on TV. Today, you can potentially have as many followers as a celebrity that is on TV, and using social media, you can stream live to your target audience just like celebrities on television.

I wanted to really elaborate on this first one because I believe it’s the most important. Once you understand that you are building your brand and not your product, then you will be one up on the competition.

 2. Not knowing their target audience

The biggest problem with marketers is thinking that everybody can use your product. Even though that may be true, you don’t want to target everybody. You want to narrow down your target audience, to two types of prospects.

  1. Someone who is looking/needs your products
  2. Someone who has already purchased a product like yours.

Here is another example. Everybody needs water, but instead of selling your water in a major city where everybody has access to water. You go to a city in the desert, where water is a little more scarce. Once again an extreme case but you get the point, these people need and is looking for your water. So you would sale that water like crazy.

Same thing goes for selling your products online. If you target people who have shown signs of looking and have a need for your product, then you are in business.

You also want to target people who have already purchase products like yours. Let’s just say you are in the cosmetics industry, You have a brand new skin care lotion that is fresh, all natural and makes you look 10 years younger, the second you apply it.

In order to get the most sales, you want to target people who already have purchase skin care products in the past. So, you might want to target an audience that has purchased a product from Avon or Melaleuca. These people have already shown that they are a willing buyer, so you want to target people who are already buying.

Remember – People love to buy but they hate to be sold 

3. Not providing real value to their prospects

This concept seems to be the hardest to grasp for offline marketers coming to the online world. In order to build your brand, you have to build trust and credibility. How do you build trust and credibility? First, you have to give away valuable information about the niche/topic your product is in, to show that you genuinely care about your prospects.

Example: Let’s say you are selling nutritional products. Your goal is to provide valuable information on nutrition, so your prospects feel that they can make an informed decision on what products to buy when the time comes. Remember we are not actually talking about the products when giving value, that is the mistake most marketers make.

We want to inform them about…

  • How to take supplements
  • Why they need supplements
  • What are the best foods to eat that will give them the most nutritional value
  • Different recipes that they can make from home

and the list goes on, but you get the point.

Once we have built enough trust, then our endorsement about a supplement product will be valued. Remember, Michael Jordan with Nike. Nike understood that Michael Jordan was a star athlete and worked hard to get there. So when Michael Jordan said, that if you buy these shoes, then you can play like me. Once he said that then people jumped at the chance to play like Michael Jordan.

If you have been giving value, showing results and helping people learn about the value of nutrition, then, when it’s time to endorse a nutritional supplement, your prospects will jump at the chance to purchase that product, because they know, you know, what you are talking about.

4. Scared to put themselves out there

The notion of putting yourself on camera and putting your name out there is terrifying for some people. So what do they do, they try everything they can do, not to put themselves out there. The will try hiding behind a logo but never put their picture out there. They try other programs to where they don’t have “sell” anything, and no one will ever know who you are.

Also, they tend to make videos, and then they will hide behind the camera and never put their face on it. I was a victim of this in the beginning. I didn’t even like my voice in the video, so I even tried to get someone else to do the voiceovers for me. I learn really quickly, that (1) voice overs are way overpriced, and (2) I just needed to suck it up because I am not getting the traction that I want in my business.

So, eventually I put my name out there, I put my face out there, and I let the world see me. My business started to take off from there because my prospects knew that I was a real person and that if I can do it, they can do it too. The biggest thing that putting yourself “out there” does for your prospects is that it makes your business relatable, and people always want to work with or do business with people who are relatable.

In conclusion, If you don’t remember anything I talked about from this blog post remember this, “People only buy from who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. If you get them to that place where they trust you, then you will be able to build a successful business online and sell any product online you want.

Michael Brooks

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